gpc-cemeteryThank you for your interest in Gerrardstown Presbyterian Cemetery. Located in historical Gerrardstown, Berkeley County, WV, our beautiful old church cemetery is peaceful, and a scenic beauty. With historic interments dating back nearly two hundred years in the oldest section, the cemetery is still expanding and currently has lots available in both the established and new sections.

Lots may be purchased in any amount needed from single grave to a four grave lot. Only one interment is permitted per single grave lot, with the exception of cremation remains, in which two interments are permitted on a single grave lot.

Single grave lots are currently priced at 600.00 per grave, plus a 100.00 grave care fee due at time of interment.

A two grave lot is currently 1200.00 and a four grave lot is 2400.00. Grave lots must have a permanent marker installed within one year of interment. Although current at time of publication, all prices are subject to change without notice.

No payment plan is available. All lot sales are due in full at time of purchase. Checks must be made payable to Gerrardstown Presbyterian Cemetery. Unused lots may be transferred to Next of Kin with an official Notice of Transfer. No lots may be resold to the public. Unused lots may only be sold back to Gerrardstown Presbyterian Cemetery for the original purchase price.

For an appointment to purchase a cemetery lot please contact the cemetery chairman:

John C Oester

Dedication, Care, Dignity

The Gerrardstown Presbyterian Cemetery Committee is dedicated to preserving and maintaining the history, tradition, and scenic beauty of the cemetery grounds. Funding of cemetery maintenance and upkeep is made possible through the kind donations of generations of families who chose Gerrardstown Presbyterian Cemetery as their final resting place. However, as longtime donors pass away, so goes their continued monetary contributions to the upkeep of their family grave plots. Please help us continue this time honored tradition by contributing a onetime monetary donation or annually if you desire.

As time passes and family ties become more distant, being able to come home to explore your roots and visit the graves of your ancestors becomes an invaluable treasure. It is our desire that you find your ancestors or dearly departed family members plot at Gerrardstown Presbyterian Cemetery to be maintained with care, dedication, and dignity, for perpetuity.

Thank you in advance for your considerate and much appreciated support in the time honored tradition of contributing to the lot upkeep of our ancestors and family members grave plots.


Donations to the cemetery maintenance and lot upkeep fund can be made by check to:

Gerrardstown Presbyterian Cemetery
John C Oester
300 Libby Ann Dr
Bunker Hill WV 25413

Online Cemetery Database

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